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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Elegant eyebrows with a perfect shape and color can make any face look more beautiful, distract attention from the imperfections and emphasize your beauty. To give more expressiveness to your eyebrows different techniques of permanent make-up can be used.

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What it is?

Permanent EyebrowsPermanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that helps to improve the appearance of the eyebrows. It helps you to correct the outline, add more color to the rare or sparse  eyebrows, give a brightness to the light eyebrows and generally lets you get rid of the daily makeup routine.

In addition, this correction can significantly help people with rare eyebrows who were suffering from illness, genetic problems or medical procedures.

Any permanent makeup is the penetration of the pigment under the skin, so this procedure can be considered as a classic tattoo type. 

Is it painful?

As everybody knows, any tattoo is an injection of the dye under the client’s skin with the use of needles of different thicknesses. An anesthetic should be put on the skin before the penetration, usually it’s a gel containing a substance –   anesthetic (for example, lidocaine).

Judging by women’s reviews who ever made permanent eyebrow makeup, this procedure is quite painful, the degree of discomfort is often depends on the technique and on the individual pain threshold.

Powder spaying is the least painful permanent makeup procedure. This technique has a small depth of punctures and does not require a dense filling of the eyebrows with a pigment. However  procedure is a less lasting result: powder eyebrows can stay only for a year  or two.

Cosmetic salons that provide a permanent eyebrow makeup service give this procedure a variety of different names. The methods of applying a permanent makeup  on the eyebrow surface, can be divided into:

  • The eyebrow hair strokes
  • Microblading, it is also called 6D technique, HD line brows, 6D eyebrow micropigmentation;
  • Powder eyebrow techniques, have other names too: like shading tattoo, stardust, velvet spraying, watercolor, pixel, point, shadow, etc.

What is the difference? 

Hair tattoo

This technique got its name from the hair drawing method used by a master. He draws each hair on the pattern, creating the length, thickness and growth direction. European technique requires the same length and growth direction of eyebrow hair. Eastern technology is more complicated, to achieve a natural look, a master should imitate the natural hair crossing that has different length and color.

In this tattoo method, the hairs have different thickness, natural bend and various shade. The penetration of the dye lays at the upper depth of the dermis, so it is less painful and the healing process is faster.

In a process of microblading, a special handle is used. Freshly made eyebrows require additional correction, which is usually carried out one or two months after the procedure. The effect lasts about one to three years.

Powder technology

This procedure is the most natural and popular in a market right now. Artist can create ombre or “instagram” eyebrows and no one will notice that it was done.

How is it made?

All kinds of permanent eyebrow procedures are made in the salon environment.

It is very important to choose an experienced master with a good artistic taste, who is a specialist in a permanent eyebrow makeup. An inexperienced expert can draw a really bad eyebrow shape. In this case it can be removed by a laser or non-laser treatment, but it’s a very serious and dangerous procedure.

First, the client, together with the master, selects the shape by drawing it with a regular pencil.

A good master will explain which pigment is used in a tattoo process, a mineral or organic. He will also make an allergy test-sample, if it’s possible.

An anesthetic gel is applied to the skin surface before the procedure that helps to anesthetize this area. During the tattoo procedure, disposable needles are used, which are always opened in front of the client.

The least traumatic is a powder makeup, which is considered to be a bloodless procedure, in which the pigment is sprayed into the upper layer of the dermis.

The time of application is always different and depends on the technique. On average, the work on each eyebrow takes from half an hour to an hour.

How long does it last?

The eyebrow permanent make-up can last from several months to five years. There are some factors that can influence the lasting period of beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows:

  • Application technique;
  • Pigment;
  • Number of corrections.

The eyebrows that are made in hair technology last longer, they can last for more than three years (maximum – up to five years), especially if the paint contains inorganic pigments. Natural dye will fade quicker, especially when you do peelings and other cosmetic procedures.

  • You shouldn’t use the same paint that is used in a classical tattoo. In this case, the drawing will stay forever and get a bluish shade.

Microblading eyebrows will require a mandatory correction within a month and a half, because the pigment is applied low under the skin and is quicker rejected by the body. The client’s skin type is important, since the pattern will disappear faster on a fatty or fast regeneration skin.

The lasting period of the powder makeup depends on the number of layers of paint that were put on the skin. By one visit you can usually make one layer of spraying, maximum two. At the same time, if you want your eyebrows last for a year you need have about five layers of the dye. So you need to discuss this with your eyebrow master while choosing the necessary technique. 

Comparison before and after

After applying permanent make-up on the eyebrows, they will look more well-groomed, at any time of the day and in any weather conditions. Especially it is helpful during your vacation on a beach or in a hiking trip, in conditions when there is no time to do makeup.

After a hair drawing procedure, eyebrows will get their permanent look after about 8-10 days, although you can see an approximate result already when you leave the salon. The color obtained right after the application will look brighter and more saturated, but later it will get its true shade. The shape drawn by the master will remain the same, but if there is something that the client does not like, can be corrected, but only in the direction of increasing the area.

Microblading will also allow you to see the preliminary result in the first minutes after the drawing, then the color will fade, in part the pigment will be rejected by the body, so in 40 or 45 days, a touchup will be required.

Eyebrows have the most impressive look right after applying contour made in the powder spraying technique. They look “alive”, thick, beautiful and gently groomed.

What is better – microblading or a tattoo?

Many girls think which technique of permanent makeup is better – microblading or a tattoo. We should first compare the hair method and microblading, because they have similar ways of hair drawing, the only difference is only of the line drawing. Microblading cannot be done on oily skin or thin skin.

The positive aspects include the following:

  • The eyebrow permanent make-up makes the face more beautiful and well-groomed;
  • Helps girls to look brighter and more effective;
  • It is trendy and at the height of popularity;
  • Eyebrow tattoo significantly saves time for a makeup;
  • Allows you to be ready for the beach or in a hike;
  • If the eyebrows had any defects (uneven hair growth, bald spots, scars, pigment spots), then they can be hidden.


Sometimes you can’t take this procedure at all. A complete contraindication to this procedure can be serious diseases as:

  • Diabetes;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Epilepsy;
  • HIV;
  • Serious cardiovascular pathologies.

 Partial contraindication (by the moment of recovery) is:

  • Conjunctivitis;
  • Blepharitis;
  • Colds;
  • Scratches and inflammation in the field of tattooing;

Can I do it during pregnancy?



How is much it?

The cost of permanent make-up of eyebrows in salons differs, depending on the technique and experience of an artist.

On average, the prices vary from 350$ to 700$. Correction costs two times cheaper.


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