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Eyebrow micropigmentation 

Eyebrow micropigmentation is more different from a tattoo. The restoration technology, as it often called microblading, it gives eyebrows a beautiful realistic and a well-groomed look that lasts for 2 years. Manual eyebrow technique gives rare eyebrows thickness, “fills” the missing areas, adjust the color and shape, and hide the scars. Microblading has the following advantages over tattooing

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  • Realistic effect of the eyebrows, (machine can’t do this)
  • Full imitation of hairs,general form with an artistic modeling!
  • Almost painless, doesn’t give an edema after the procedure;
  • Do not fade over time;
  • Heals well without scarring;
  • Lasts up to 1,5-2 years!

As this procedure appeared recently, so there are a lot of questions about its effectiveness, safety and durability, which you will learn below.

Microblading New YorkWhat is Microblading?

What is microblading? It’s your dream of beautiful natural eyebrows! The regular tattoo can’t give you a natural look. While a microblading effect is achieved by manual drawing of each hair with a special “handle” that has an ultra-thin blade on the bottom.

Master uses a thin blade and inserts the pigment into the epidermis. With thin, clear and expressive strokes, he creates hairs that cannot be distinguished from the real ones. A classic tattoo, made even by a professional expert, always looks like a drawing. In the hands of a talented and experienced master, a small blade turns into a “magic wand”. The technique is so filigree that can be associated with an artistic work! Sometimes it is called embroidery. Microblading perfectly imitates real eyebrows. And this is not the only advantage.

Choosing a good master

Eyebrow microblading is an art that requires a painstaking handwork. An experienced mastershould know how to choose the right pigment, because the skin always takes up to 50% of the color! He can combine several shades to achieve a maximum natural look. Thecoloring requires a strong subtle sense of color, shades sensation and a perspective vision.

The colors should be combined judging by client’s hair color, skin tone and even his nature.

Unlike the tattoo, eyebrow microblading almost doesn’t have any scar side effects. You can’t damage the deep layers of the skin with a module-blade, because the strokes are applied with penetration up to 0.3-1 mm (while tattoos “pierces” the skin twice deeper – 3 mm). Search for microblading artist near you and check his/her gallery and review. 

Preparation for microblading

Eyebrow micropigmentation requires minimal preparation. Here are the following recommendations that can help you to avoid possible problems and make the procedure painless and more effective:

  • Do not adjust the eyebrow form at least a week before retouching so a master can see the real thickness, hair growth direction and other individual features of your eyebrows.
  • Eliminate the use of alcohol and caffeine before the procedure, as well as the blood-thinning drugs a week before the procedure.

Everything else will be done by the master! He will do an anesthesia, draw an ideal eyebrow form with a cosmetic pencil, pick up the perfect color and embody idea in life. The duration of the procedure depends on the desired effect and the nature of the problem and it lasts for 1-2 hours.

After care

Microbladingis a safe procedure with minimal injury, but has an “invasion” into the epidermis. So you should be prepared for this. The puffiness and redness will disappear within 30-40 minutes after the session, after than begins a healing stage.

2 hours after the procedure, the “wound” should be treated with chlorhexidine. Soon, in the correction area will be covered with a crust. You should not touch it, it will come off itself. The complete cycle of healing is about 28-30 days. If you want to accelerate the regeneration on the 4-5th day after the procedure, the eyebrows should be treated with a cosmetic vaseline. The skin in the microblading zone should remain dry and clean. At least 2 weeks after retouching, you should avoid visiting swimming-pools, intense fitness and sun tan.

The result and correction

Do not expect to see the final result right after the crust peeling. Because your first impression can be (“the skin lost the  pigment!”) deceptive. The pigment needs time to settle down. Only a month later you can see the final resultand the need ofan additional correction. The correction can be done 4 to 8 weeks after the procedure, the next one – with an interval of 2-3 months.

Correction – doesn’t mean that the procedure was made by unexperienced master, it’s an obligatory microblading stage. In microblading a small amount of paint is injected under the skin, and some of it is lost during the healing process. The paint “remainder” of 50-70% of the original volume is normal. The The correction can give 95-100% of the result. In extremely rare cases, the skin completely “rejects” the pigment, even when it is done by a high class specialist.


The eyebrow retouching procedure is the least traumatic than any others, but there are some contraindications to it. Micropigmentation is strictly prohibited for people with skin diseases, diabetes, birthmarks and hemangiomas at the puncture site, hypertension, acute inflammatory conditions, blood diseases, pregnancy and lactation.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Microblading NYC

Who can do microblading?

Microblading technique is now practiced by many people, even outsiders, who are not even related to the medicine or beauty industry. So you should be careful when searching your artist.

So there are many negative microblading feedbacks that are based on bad experience with these “one-day specialists”, who post fake videos and photos they took on professional websites. And most of the timesuch people come try to find a good specialist who can correct their badly done eyebrows.


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