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4 tips on men’s makeup

It may sound unbelievable but a tendency for men’s makeup has grown significantly. Despite the fact that women have been keeping the leading positions in using makeup as a means to adorn themselves, men have finally come to the conclusion that they should take advantage of it too. Modern gentlemen refuse from trying their girl’s tubes of cosmetics as they have already obtained their personal ones. A handsome and good-looking man can achieve not only promotion at work but also attract the attention of the finest beauties and makeup will help him to do that.

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Do you still doubt? Light and natural-looking makeup will hide aging features and allow you to feel confident in any situation. Being aware of several simple techniques you can emphasize your benefits and nobody will ever notice any evidence of using cosmetics.

tips on men makeup

1. Skin tone must be even

Let your skin look healthy and younger making its tone even and bright. Use a concealer to hide blemishes or age spots and your skin will get a more even tone. It will be also helpful in removing dark areas and puffiness under the eyes.
It is preferable to choose a cream concealer to match the skin tone. Dark areas should be covered with an example that is one shade lighter. The application is very easy: add a drop to your finger and blend it to cover the spots. To avoid a shallow look, you can use bronzer on the cheeks and forehead.

2. Eyebrows require grooming

Shapeless eyebrows make an effect of carelessness and spoil the first impression about a person. It is natural that men’s eyebrows should not look feminine and thin, so it is important to achieve balance to get a neat and groomed look. Experts advise trying a procedure called semi-permanent eyebrow shaping. It will help you to achieve a natural look and remove a couple of years from your face. Forget about a necessity to tweeze, pluck or wax too!

3. Eyes should be popped

Eyes play a very important role in the general look and many men need to accentuate them. Of course, nobody agrees to put on mascara and eyeshadow to get a desirable result. Experts advise using a little bit of either brown or black eyeliner to make the lash line more accurate. Eyes will also look deeper and lashes would seem to be thicker too. If you are not ready to poke a pencil into the eye on a regular basis, there is a great alternative. You can create a thin and perfectly looking lash line trying semi-permanent procedure. The result will be durable and look natural without ever using any pencil.

4. Take care of your lips

Full and accurately lined lips provide a person with a young and appealing look. There are several steps to achieve this effect. At the beginning, lips should be exfoliated with a damp cloth and moisturized with a chopstick. However, to make your lips look more symmetrical and full, opt for semi-permanent makeup. It is a perfect way to change their shape and natural color to look more handsome and young. The effect looks like natural and has nothing in common with the lipstick application. Vice versa, your lips will acquire more accurate contours and even color.

Use of special techniques allows achieving an absolutely natural effect that cannot be noticed by non-professionals. However, a refreshed and young look is guaranteed to everyone who tries semi-permanent makeup. Men, now it is your turn to look handsome!

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