Permanent Makeup: Eyelashes, Eyebrows, Lips, Microblading in New York, NY

Cosmetics from celebrities and for celebrities.

Beauty Workshop from Motives. Cosmetics from celebrities and for celebrities. Organic ingredients that mixed individually for every person. With Motives trainers you will create a foundation and a powder which you will create for yourself.

With Motives you can create foundation, powder, lipsticks, conturing… During a workshop you will mix your own products and learn how to make money with one of the best organic companies in USA.

Cosmetics celebrities Cosmetics celebrities Cosmetics celebrities


What is Microblading?

What is microblading? It’s your dream of beautiful natural eyebrows! The regular tattoo can’t give you a natural look. While a microblading effect is achieved by manual drawing of each hair with a special “handle” that has an ultra-thin blade on the bottom.

Master uses a thin blade and inserts the pigment into the epidermis. With thin, clear and expressive strokes, he creates hairs that cannot be distinguished from the real ones. A classic tattoo, made even by a professional expert, always looks like a drawing. In the hands of a talented and experienced master, a small blade turns into a “magic wand”. The technique is so filigree that can be associated with an artistic work! Sometimes it is called embroidery. Microblading perfectly imitates real eyebrows. And this is not the only advantage.


What it is Permanent makeup?

Permanent EyebrowsPermanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that helps to improve the appearance of the eyebrows. It helps you to correct the outline, add more color to the rare or sparse  eyebrows, give a brightness to the light eyebrows and generally lets you get rid of the daily makeup routine.

In addition, this correction can significantly help people with rare eyebrows who were suffering from illness, genetic problems or medical procedures.

Any permanent makeup is the penetration of the pigment under the skin, so this procedure can be considered as a classic tattoo type. 

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